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UV Angel Clean Air Government

UVC Air Purifier | Government

UV Angel delivers the well-tested, proven pathogen control solutions Government or municipal building needs. Patented and proven to reduce up to 99.99% of pathogens, UV Angel’s technology helps you set the standard for improved indoor air quality for your region or municipality.

Proven pathogen control solutions

  • UV Angel products are up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • UV Angel technology is backed by years of clinical research and peer review.
  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products are continuously treating your government or municipal building.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. UV Angel Clean Air system does not introduce harmful chemicals or by-products into your environment and is safe for use directly in occupied spaces.
  • Pathogen control at the room level pairs with full-system analytics to deliver a big-picture view of how UV Angel is working to deliver cleaner, safer environments.

You’re looking for ways to not only get your building’s residents back to work but also to demonstrate to your public and constituency that you’re working on solutions to reduce viruses in your environment and assist prevent future pandemics.  UV Angel can assist you with both.

You can make government buildings cleaner and safer by deploying proven patented next-generation UV-C technology. 

How Our Products Work: The Perfect Wavelength

UV Angel The perfect Wavelength

UV Angel devices use the ideal wavelength to destroy microorganisms by inactivating their DNA. Pathogens are neutralised based on the time and intensity of exposure to UV Angel’s ultraviolet lights.

The Software to Bring it All Together

UV Angel helps you deliver effective pathogen control at the room level with the robust cloud software that delivers the macro-level analytics Government needs to see how the entire pathogen control system is performing, across offices, buildings.

Interested to see how UV Angel can support your government building’s pathogen control efforts?  Contact us and our experts will show you how UV Angel can assist you.

Download and Links:

Product Infographic

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UV Angel Infographic

UV Angel Government Brochure