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UVC Air Purifier | Real Estate

Reducing the risk of exposure for your occupants and tenants means controlling harmful and infectious pathogens at their source. UV Angel products are safe for use in occupied spaces, which means they are able to effectively treat pathogens in the air and on surfaces as close to the source — people — as possible. Those in commercial and residential real estate and development can play an important role in creating safer building environments for tenants and patrons by adding UV Angel’s pathogen control technology.

Empowers you to get back to work and monitor surface contamination levels

  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products are continuously treating your environment.
  • Up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. UV Angel products contribute to a disruption-free workflow.
  • When you want it and wherever you are, our complete software platform delivers all the data you need on every UV Angel unit.

UV Angle Clean Air system works a patented ultraviolet light technology and a sophisticated software platform to deliver you an infinitely scalable pathogen control system.  Whether you have one building or many, UV Angel is built to support you. UV Angel products are continuously working to treat the environment, creating a cleaner, safer building for occupants.

How UV Angel Clean Air Operates

Air Technology

UV Angel Clean Air Real EstateThe patented UV Angel Clean Air works by drawing contaminated air containing viruses, bacteria and fungi into a sealed UV-C chamber where they are quickly neutralised. Clean, treated air is then circulated back out into the room. The UV Angel Clean Air recirculates a 100 sq. ft. room, four times every hour.

Surface Technology

UV Angel Surface Technology ComputerThe moment a potential threat is detected on surfaces, the UV Angel Adapt neutralises it at a cellular level, killing at rates greater than 99%. The platform is designed to operate hundreds of times throughout the day, providing a disruption free workflow.



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