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UV Angel Hospitality

UVC Air Purifier | Hospitality

As the travel and hospitality industries welcome back guests, safety and cleanliness have never been more important. Business travellers—and their employers—want peace of mind that returning to work doesn’t come at the cost of their health. Vacationers don’t want to worry about the air they breathe and the surfaces they touch. Hotel and resort staff want to work for employers who care about their personal well-being. As the world reopens, UV Angel’s pathogen control technology is playing a critical role in building consumer confidence and employee satisfaction by creating safer and healthier environments.

UV Angel’s UV-C technology automatically treats air and surfaces for harmful pathogens – adding an extra layer of protection.


We’ll Help You Create a Healthy Environment

  • Create safer lobbies and common areas
  • Integrate ceiling-mounted UV Angel Clean Air™ systems
  • Utilise UV Angel Adapt to monitor surface contamination levels
  • Reduce the spread of infectious aerosols
  • Extra protection in conference rooms

Designed directly into a traditional ceiling light fixture, UV Angel Clean Air is an unobtrusive environmental treatment system that uses ultraviolet light to automatically and continually treat the air.

UV Angel Clean Air™ integrates into existing or new construction in-ceiling lighting to create a seamless and effective air treatment system. These can easily be installed in conference rooms to add an extra layer of safety for business guests.

The patented UV Angel Clean Air works by drawing contaminated air containing viruses, bacteria and fungi into a sealed UV-C chamber where they are quickly neutralised. Clean, treated air is then circulated back into the room.

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UV Angel Hospitality

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