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About Us

HPA is a distributor of leading global brands including Mindray, GCX, Derungs, DT Research, Zebra Technologies and Wamee. Our range of computers, tablets, carts, and accessories are state-of-the-art and constantly evolving to meet customer’s needs. We specialise in integrating technology into work and rest spaces to enhance workflow efficiencies for clients and caregivers and increase comfort for patients and residents.

We are best in class for the management of large-scale digital projects in healthcare facilities. HPA has successfully implemented over 12,000 Workstations on Wheels, 1,500 Medications carts and 18,000+ Medical grade computers throughout Australian healthcare facilities.

Digital projects are just one aspect of the HPA portfolio. The HPA Team were involved with the Perth Children’s Hospital theatre upgrade which included 12 Operating Theatres, Prep Area, Sterile Corridors and Control Rooms and now with our recent partnership with Mindray, HPA can also fit out theatres with the most advanced operating tables, surgical lights, anaesthetic machines, ventilators and patient monitoring. HPA is on the Advanced ICT Supplier Scheme for NSW Government and on the Queensland Government Information Technology Contract (QITC) and QAssure. HPA is also on contract to supply ICT devices to NSW Health, ACT Health, Monash Health, WA Health, Health Purchasing Victoria, Eastern Health and Queensland Health.

Our wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry and global supplier network enables us to offer single source procurement for all needs. We provide unsurpassed quality, innovative, clever design and warranties that far exceed industry standard. HPA is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified showing our customer focus and continual commitment to environmental improvement.