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UV Angel for Education

UVC Air Purifier | Education

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities like yours are looking for the most effective ways to bring back in-person learning. You need to create a learning environment where students can concentrate, and where everyone —  including teachers and staff — feel safe. UV Angel patented technology brings clinically proven, patented ultraviolet light technology safely and directly into the spaces where the most pathogens are generated — your classrooms, break rooms, lunchrooms, athletic facilities, and more.

Why you need UV Angel

  • 24/7/365 treatment. UV Angel products are continuously treating your education environments.
  • Up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces. UV Angel products contribute to a disruption-free workflow.
  • UV Angel complete software platform delivers all the data you need on every UV Angel unit.

UV Angel products help protect your students and staff safe

UV Angel products are safe for use in occupied spaces, providing pathogen control at the source — neutralising harmful pathogens on shared workstations, and in lecture halls and classrooms.

UV Angel products provide source-level control. UV Angel’s onboard IoT connectivity, sophisticated cloud platform, and advanced analytics collects data from every UV Angel unit, bringing it all into one remotely-accessible program that helps inform your efforts to continuously improve cleanliness across campus.

How UV Angel Clean Air Works

Air Treatment Technology 

UV Angel unobtrusive in ceiling
  • Using patented UV-C treatment technology, air is quietly drawn into a sealed UV-C air chamber with a series of fans and filters
  • Air is circulated through the UV-C air chamber where it is treated with an enclosed high intensity UV-C light to inactivate bacteria, fungus and viruses in the air
  • Treated air is then returned to the room creating a healthier environment

Surface Treatment Technology

UV Angel surface Technology
  • UV Angel Adapt units use intelligent sensors to detect germs or on surfaces, and neutralise them at the cellular level.
  • 24/7 monitoring of frequency touched surfaces. More than 99% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Hundreds of treatment cycles per day.


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UV Angel Education Flyer

UV Angel Education Brochure

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