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UV-C Air Treatment | UV Angel Clean Air

Category: UV Light Solutions

UV Angel Clean Air™  is an unobtrusive environmental treatment system that uses ultraviolet light to automatically and continually treat the air. Patented UV-C light air purification technology is used to reduce levels of viruses, bacteria and fungi to create healthier environments.

The UV Angel Clean Air laboratory results showed elimination rates up to 99.99%

How UV Angel Clean Air Works

  • Using patented UV-C treatment technology, air is quietly drawn into a sealed UV-C air chamber with a series of fans and filters
  • Air is circulated through the UV-C air chamber where it is treated with an enclosed high intensity UV-C light to inactivate bacteria, fungus and viruses in the air
  • Treated air is then returned to the room creating a healthier environment

UV Angel Clean Air™ is suitable for health care facilities or other locations where clean air is vital. Ideal locations include: hospitals, urgent care centers, outpatient surgery centers, physicians’ offices, dental clinics, plastic surgery centers, long-term care facilities, cancer centers, dialysis centers, schools, prisons, food processing plants, animal research facilities, commercial buildings, airport isolation rooms, border quarantine stations, and compounding pharmacies.

Hospital air samples, on average, are 8 times more contaminated than surfaces¹

Data-Driven Analytics

UV Angel’s technology is complemented by a proprietary data analytics platform that delivers critical insights and strategic advantages to organisations. UV Angel Analytics puts powerful data into the hands of health care administrators and facility managers. The platform seamlessly communicates data to a cloud-powered web administration platform.

1Lee, Linda D, DrPH, MBA, LV-17-C042, Can using active air UV-C technology reduce the amount of bacteria and/or fungus in the air and improve indoor air quality? ASHRAE Conference (2017)

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