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HPA Negative Pressure Room Conversion Kit

Negative Pressure Room Conversion Kit

To adequately contain the spread of Covid-19 in Aged Care, you need to control the potentially contaminated air-flow.

Australia’s Aged & Healthcare sector has responded to the threat of COVID-19 with a range of actions designed to prevent the virus from entering their facility and infecting their resident populations.

The use of PPE, up-skilling staff in infectious disease training, in-depth cleaning protocols and restricting visitor access are based on preventing cross contamination via close contact however they don’t adequately diminish the threat of airborne infectious particles from traveling in the air, into adjoining corridors, rooms and air conditioning systems.

Whilst Australia has outperformed most other countries in this response the numbers of aged care and healthcare workers that have become ill themselves is distressing and demonstrates there is still a lot more that can be done to protect our frontline workers.

What is a Negative Pressure Room?.

  • Negative Pressure Rooms are used in hospital and healthcare facilities to isolate patients with contagious, airborne diseases such as measles, tuberculosis, SARS, MERS and now COVID-19.
  • Negative Pressure Rooms control the airflow in the room, reducing the number of airborne infectious particles therefore diminishing the risk of cross-contamination to others.
  • The air pressure inside the room is lower than the air pressure outside the room. Potentially contaminated air or other dangerous particles will not flow outside into non-contaminated corridors and adjoining rooms.
  • Clean, filtered air is drawn into the Negative Pressure Room whilst contaminated air is sucked out of the room with HEPA filter exhaust systems.

Negative Pressure Rooms in Aged Care

Aged Care facilities aren’t built with Negative Pressure Rooms however the Hospital Product’s Australia team can deploy our Negative Pressure Room Conversion Kit in your facility and create a patient ready bedroom for you within 3 hours!

Negative Pressure Rooms do not have to be individual rooms for a single patient or resident at a time.

From individual bedrooms to entire wards or resident wings, HPA can create a wide range of clean room options to keep your residents and staff safe.

What is a Negative Pressure Rooms Conversion Kit

Negative Pressure Room Conversion Kits are a portable, rapid deployment isolation and containment solution that can be adapted to virtually any room in Health, Aged Care and Accommodation facilities.

Requiring less than 3 hours for set-up:

  • Cracks and gaps are filled or covered to create an air-tight room.
  • An air-tight Anteroom / Sluice is installed at the door, which is also negatively pressured.  This provides a safe, clean changeroom to don & doff PPE whilst entering and exiting the contaminated room.
  • An MFU (HEPA Filter & Fan Unit) is installed outside the room to provide 13-15 air changes per hour and includes a pressure cascade safety system with pressure relief dampers.

Rapid, functional, reversible

  • Set-up takes less than 3 hours for 2 people
  • The room is made airtight by a special vinyl tape coating
  • Carpet floors are covered
  • Compatible to room fumigation (H2O2)
  • Room access for beds & wheelchairs
  • After dismantling, the room can be returned to its original function

Technical Features

  • Negative pressure change room & bedroom
  • HEPA Filtration (99,995%) & redundant fan system
  • 12 to 15 Air changes per hour
  • Pressure cascade safety system with pressure relief dampers
  • Airtight transfer hatches
  • Safe waste evacuation

HPA Deployment at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney – 4 Bed Rooms



HPA Negative Pressure Room Conversion Kit Introduction:













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