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Negative Pressure Conversion Kit | COVID-19 Containment

Category: Modular Construction


Virus outbreaks are not a new occurrence. HPA’s technology and solutions to manage and contain them however are.

HPA’s partner, The HT Group specialises in the design and supply of critical containment systems. The “AGEMA” Fast Track conversion kit can turn any room into a Covid-19 patient-ready bedroom. The first biosafe conversion kit to turn any room into a Covid-19 patient-ready space to protect vulnerable non-infected patients and healthcare workers to reduce nosocomial infections.

Rapid, functional, reversible

  • Set-up takes less than 3 hours for 2 people
  • The room is made airtight by a special peelable coating
  • Compatible to room fumigation (H2O2)
  • Room access for beds & wheelchairs
  • After dismantling, the room can be returned to its original function

Technical Features

  • Negative pressure change room & bedroom
  • HEPA Filtration (99,995%) & redundant fan system
  • 12 to 15 Air changes per hour
  • Pressure cascade safety system with pressure relief dampers
  • Airtight transfer hatches
  • Safe waste evacuation


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