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Modular construction, laboratory.

Laboratory | HT Group

No matter what type of special laboratory is required, HPA is your competent partner and full-service supplier for the conceptual design and construction of research laboratories. The experts at HPA provide advice and work together with architects and customers to create an overall concept that ensures buildings are designed to be flexible, user-oriented and, above all, safe. We are specialised in the high requirements of biosafety levels 3 and 4 as well as centres for epidemiology.

Networking building services and medical technology as well as creating suitable control software is another one of our specialties. Our HT Control building management system is specifically designed for hospitals and laboratories. It enables hospital and laboratory operators to manage energy and other resources sustainably and coordinate relevant tasks.

Solutions for research facilities:

  • Containment for BSL 3 laboratories​
  • Tight doors for GMP labs ​
  • Containment for BSL 4 laboratories​
  • Gastight doors for safety labs​
  • GMP laboratories ​
  • Pass through lock systems​
  • High infection isolation station ​
  • HEPA filter technology​
  • Animal housing for research​


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