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The HT Group is one of the largest project planning and manufacturing companies in the world for modular room systems and individual components in the hospital, system and laboratory construction sector. As their partner in Australia and New Zealand healthcare technology, Hospital Products Australia (HPA) provides one-stop innovative products and solutions in the sectors of Healthcare, Research Laboratory, Software and Medical Engineering Planning.

The modular systems represent a unique combination of quality, innovation and flexibility for custom adaptations, upgrades and integration of new devices. HPA offers a wide range of products and services from a single source to properly manage hygienically critical areas. A consistent overall concept based on clearly defined structures and interfaces simplifies the coordination between different groups.

The highest quality standards are met, prefabricated modules are tailor-made to your requirements and the integration of new systems and devices is possible at any time at short notice. HPA is also there for you in the planning stage as a competent partner whose specialist engineers support you with their knowledge from the various areas of design and planning. We gladly work together with you to develop a concept that takes into account all the conditions and requirements yet is still open enough to incorporate new systems in the future for long-term flexibility.

We have a number of installation reference sites throughout Australia, such as The Perth Children’s Hospital we were redesigned the Theatre suites to gain additional space and allow for cost efficiencies within the construction phase.

Reference sites: