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Modular construction, operating theatre.

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Category: Modular Construction






The modular systems represent a unique combination of quality, innovation and flexibility for custom adaptations, upgrades and integration of new devices. HPA offers a wide range of products and services from a single source to properly manage hygienically critical areas in hospitals.

Networking building services and medical technology as well as creating suitable control software is another one of our specialties. HPA’s building management system is specifically designed for hospitals and laboratories. It enables hospital and laboratory operators to manage energy and other resources sustainably and coordinate relevant tasks.

Solutions for healthcare facilities:

  • Digital Surgical and Operating Room Controls
  • Hospital GMP Labs
  • Hybrid Surgical rooms
  • Digital Operating Room Controls
  • Intensive Care Units and Isolation Wards
  • HEPA filter air supply system
  • Emergency and Diagnostic spaces
  • Door Systems
  • Sterilisation Departments


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