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HT Group Fast track lab

Fast Track Isolation Ward and Lab | HT Group

Driven by the rapid increase of pandemic diseases, such as SARS, MERV and Corona, which nowadays affect world-wide all countries, there is a high demand for fast track solutions. To handle such a situation hospitals require a facility to isolate patients with high-infectious diseases and also need a BSL-3 analytic laboratory to identify the responsible agent. This additional facility must be designed, in that way, that the existing operation could continue without any risk of cross-contamination of other patients and medical staff.

Turn-key fast track solution

A prefabricated Fast-Track Isolation Ward and Analytical BSL-3 laboratory facility is completely manufactured in the production unit and transported on-site. The unique and flexible design concept allows an easy adaption to an existing hospital building and avoids long time of construction for the
erection of a shell in the classical practise. The Fast-Track Isolation Ward and Analytical BSL-3 laboratory facility fulfills international standards and regulations.


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