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Mindray HyPort P Series

Pendant | HyPort P30/P60/P90

Efficient, Easy-to-use and Safe Medical Supply Unit

Mindray HyPort P Series presents a versatile range of options consisting of three models: the P30 mechanical pendant, the P60 motorised pendant, and the P90 vertically lifting pendant. These portfolios are designed to adapt to various types of operating rooms while efficiently enhancing workflow for the surgical staff.

HyPort P30 mechanical pendantHyPort P60 motorised pendantHyPort P90 vertically lifting pendant


  • Various supporting solutions for different medical devices
  • Innovative cable management provides a clean and orderly workstation
  • Ergonomic functionality with optimised workflow efficiency
  • Infection control and safety system secures the surgical progress
  • 24-hour continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration with built-in alarm system

Anaesthesia Pendant Solution

HyPort P90

With a motorised arm/lifting system, HyPort P90 can lock your anaesthesia workstation or endoscopy cart and lift them off the floor.

The devices can be conveniently moved into the desired area and securely parked, providing a clean and efficient workflow.

HyPort P90 pendant

HyPort P30/P60

A compact anaesthesia pendant design, P30/P60 with head distribution only, ensuring a large operating space for the surgical team.HyPort P30 P60 Pendant

Endoscope Pendant Solution

Experience the benefits of minimally invasive surgery: fewer complications, shorter hospital stays, and reduced pain. Mindray’s innovative endoscope pendant with Σ distribution streamlines cable management for cameras, computers, and precise instruments. This groundbreaking solution ensures a clutter-free workspace, enabling seamless procedures.Endoscope Pendant Solution Pendant P Series

Surgical Pendant Solution

The column’s design maximises configuration requirements for electrical sockets and gas outlets while allowing for expansion of the front and rear panels as component panels. Achieve optimal utilisation of space and customisation possibilities with this versatile solution.
Surgical Pendant Solution Pendant P Series


Imaging Mounting Solution

  • Adaptive display holder allows more flexible purchasing decisions
  • “All in one ” design for less turbulence towards laminar flow
  • Various solutions based on different clinical image requirements
  • Easy movement together with a pneumatic brake ensures stability
  • Effective bezel protection to ensure safe screen use
  • The monitor hanger can be adjusted according to the size of the monitor to meet different viewing needs
Imaging Mounting Solution Pendants P Series