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HyPort 3000 with lifter

Pendant | HyPort 3000/6000

With the higher requirement of the healthcare, and continuing focus on the efficient clinical workflow, the latest medical technology is always demanded from the patient and hospital. Mindray recognised such needs and merged innovative and ergonomic design with the technology into medical supply unit-HyPort series.

  • Antimicrobial powder coating surface treatment
  • Dual-brake system for maximum safety
  • Ergonomic touch screen control platform
  • Multi-screen information system
  • Advanced anaesthesia machine mounting solution
  • Electricity gas outlets separated cavity design
HyPort 3000HyPort 6000

HyPort 3000

Mechanical Pendant

HyPort 6000

Motorised Pendant

Visual Brake Management

Brake system is the cornerstone for the pendant stability. Besides the standard friction brake, reversed pneumatic or electromagnetic can be chosen as an option for additional safety.

With reversed pneumatic design, compressed air is not needed to activate the brakes, only to release them. Even in the event of air pressure failure, the arms remain securely fixed in position. Thanks to the thrifty use of compressed air, HyPort has further advantages: Low noise and long lifetime.

Electromagnetic technology has recently been introduced into the pendant, which brings a zero-noise and maintenance-free brake system.

HyPort visual brake management

Various control components and visual brake system enable medical team to use the pendant ergonomically and intuitively.

HyPort touch screenHyPort shelf control handleHyPort corded control unit
Touch screen control panelShelf control handleCorded control unit

Modular Design

Central Touch Screen Control System

The central touch screen control system not only controls the pendant system, but also controls the light system and camera system.

HyPort Central touch screen control system

Advanced Solution for Different Application

“All in One” Multi-screen  Information System

  • Integrated information solution for Hybride OR, Catheterisation Lab”
  • All in one” design for less turbulence towards laminar flow
  • Customised solution according to different clinical image requirement
  • Easy movement together with pneumatic brake ensuring stability
HyPort Multi-screen info system

Strong Supporter for Anaesthesia Workstation

With an integrated, motorised lifting system, HyPort can lock your anaesthesia workstation or endoscopy devices and lift them off the floor.

The devices can therefore be conveniently moved into the desired area and securely parked, providing a clean and efficient workflow.

Patient  Lifting Solution

  • Increase early mobilisation and reduce the risk of falls
  • Reduce the risk of bed sores, pneumonia and infections
  • 200kg load capacityHyPort lifter

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