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HyLED C Series Surgical Lights

Theatre Light | HyLED C8/C7/C5

Widen your vision, ease of use, ensure reliability – Mindray Theatre lights

With the advancement of medical technology and the increase in clinical needs, minimally invasive, informatisation and intelligence have become the trends in the construction and development of operating rooms.  Mindray C Series LED surgical lights are the closest surgical partner providing practical optical performance, flexibility, upgradeability, stability and reliability.

Upgrade Optics for Open Surgery

Multi-Patch Superposition Technology (MPST)

The innovative MPST allows surgeons to have a clear & homogeneous light field. The light field remains uniform in illumination, shape, and colour even if it’s been obstructed by surgeons’ heads.

Variable Colour Temperature

Optional adjustable colour temperature is variable from 3,500 – 5,100K in five ranks, which is helpful to distinguish the differences between various tissue types and the perception of true tissue colours.Variable Colour Temperature

Wide Range Patten Size

With an optimised lens design, HyLED C is suitable for surgeries with smaller incisions, such as appendectomy, cholecystectomy or thyroidectomy, which require light to be more focused and less glare.Wide Range Patten Size

Widen Vision for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Mindray theatre light uses the bionic “compound eye structure” lens design to achieve a large light field of 60cm, which is able to cover the whole chest and abdomen without moving the light head constantly during the operation, suitable for minimally invasive surgery.

Traditional ambient light modeM-Field™
Light field diameter (1m)About 30cm60cm cover the whole chest and abdomen
Max illuminance (Ec) (1m)>8,000 lux or <500 lux3,000 lux
Light field uniformity (D50/D10)<50%>60%

Ease of Use and Free Adjustment for Control

HyLED C series operating light is unprecedentedly designed with stopless rotation to five joints, allowing the surgical team to position the lights toward the exact surgical field easily at any angle.  Multi-function handle, touch screen control and touch keypad control provide control flexibility to surgeons.

Multi-function handle
Multi-function Handle

touch screen control
Touch Screen Control

touch keypad control
Touch Keypad Control

Optimisation for Sustainability

  • Stable Illumination Technology
  • Energy Saving and Long Battery Life
  • Infection Control Design