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HyLED X in use

Theatre Light | HyLED X Series

Lighten your work by HyLED theatre light

The ultimate user-centred theatre light. A seamless and low resistant joint design makes adjustments fluid and agile and the multifunctional handle allows easy control of illuminance and light field size.

Multi-patch Superposition Technology (MPST)

The Mindray HyLED X Series Surgical lights adopts the new Multi-Patch Superposition Technology (MPST) through the innovative lens group design to create a clear and homogeneous light field, even when it’s obstructed by up to 80%. The light has 24 groups of lens. Each individual group forms a complete patch and gets superimposed to contribute to a uniform light beam on the operating field.

An ultra-small light field with a minimum of 14cm area can be achieved to meet the specific needs of certain surgeries.

iRelax™ to Reduce Eye Fatigue

During a surgical procedure, medical staff continue working under high-intensity surgical lights, causing intraoperative visual fatigue and increasing the chance of surgical errors. The iRelax feature of the HyLED X Series surgical lights offers eye-relaxing light and smooth brightness adjustments to effectively reduce doctors’ sensitivity to the illumination and relieve their eye strain.

Eye-relaxing Light

Creating a gradual transition of light intensity between the illuminated surgical area and ambient lighting in the operating theatre.

Smooth Brightness

Providing a smooth illuminance pattern that helps doctors adapt visual acuity as per Weber’s law when the surgical lights are switched on or off.

Colour Temperature

Adjustable colour temperature helping doctors accurately differentiate various tissue types during surgery.

Ease-of-use UI Design

User-centred designs make it easy to adjust illumination and light field to different clinical needs. Quick switchover between 6 different illumination modes increases the efficiency of the surgical workflow and allows doctors and nurses to always stay focused on their patients.

  • Multifunctional handle with special sensor design
  • Low resistance joint design
  • Specialsed illuminance modes