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UV Angel Clean Air Sports

UVC Air Purifier | Sports and Entertainment

Bring big-ticket entertainment and professional athletics back to your dedicated fans safely and effectively with UV Angel’s technology.  UV Angel’s next-generation pathogen control technology introduces the unobtrusive, continuous, effective protection you need to put people at peace.

Why Choose UV Angel?

UV Angel’s proven, patented ultraviolet light technology works quietly and continuously in the background of your athletic facility or event space to neutralise up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air and on surfaces. Safe for use in occupied spaces, our technology brings pathogen control as close to the source — people — as possible.

Source-Control Air Treatment Technology

UV Angel Clean Air™ units install seamlessly into the ceiling of an occupied space — gyms, ticketing areas, event spaces, and more — to deliver always-on, seamless, and effective air treatment as close to that pathogen source as possible.

Clean Air™ units draw contaminated air into a shielded UV-C chamber, where viruses, bacteria, and fungi are neutralised every 0.7 seconds as they pass over a high-powered, shielded UV-C bulb. Treated air is then returned back into the room.

Surface Treatment Technology

UV Angel Surface Technology ComputerUV Angel Adapt™ units are the ideal solution for any high-touch area in your stadium, training facility, or event space. From ticketing booths to credit card machines, UV Angel Adapt units use intelligent sensors to detect surfaces that have been touched and neutralise present pathogens at the cellular level. With elimination rates greater than 99%, UV Angel Adapt units operate hundreds of times a day, keeping attendees, performers, and athletes safe without interrupting the flow of operations.

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