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Wamee All-In-One RFID Reader Upgrade

Streamlined workflows and added security

The Wamee All-in-one, is a medical grade computer that has a UPS battery which provides short term backup protection if there is an interruption in power. Its anti-microbial enclosure and IP rating make it ideal for healthcare and provides a good solution for the Downtime PC.

HPA’s philosophy is to provide the most up-to-date technology and continually improve existing solutions. On this premise, we have integrated an RFID reader to the Wamee AIO to provide added security, eliminate identification errors and streamline workflows. The Imprivata compatible RFID reader can be retrofitted to existing Wamee PC’s or can be an optional upgrade to new purchases.

With flexibility in mounting and deployment, the Wamee AIO can be used as a desktop PC or mounted on a powered Workstation On Wheels. The added RFID reader means that whatever setting it is located, fast user identification and security is ensured.

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