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24″ Medical Grade Computer UPS | WMAIO2

The Wamee WMAIO-2 medical grade all-in-one system integrates a 24-inch screen with an energy efficient 10th generation Intel® Core™ i5 platform in a fan less, slim, bacteria-resistant enclosure. Designed for healthcare and sterile applications, this LCD-integrated system provides space-saving solutions for health professionals to monitor, record and retrieve patient information as well as other point-of-care applications. The UPS battery provides backup protection to keep the system, short-term, during an interruption in power, which provides hospitals and facilities a solution for downtime PC operation. There is built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections along with x2 LAN, USB 3.0 x4, COM port x2.

Other options available include – 4K UHD screen, Intel core i7, RAM and SSD upgrades along with integration of an RFID card reader which works with 99.9% of all RFID chipsets, including Imprivata. Badge based reader solutions eliminate the need to manually enter usernames and passwords, streamlining workflow and eliminating errors for identification.


  • Integrated UPS
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • IP65 rated front panel with IPX2 rated enclosure
  • Elegant all-in-one, slim, fanless design
  • 10th Generation Intel® Core i5 processor
  • 24” Full-HD LED-backlight screen
  • UL60601-1 certified
  • Anti-microbial enclosure
  • VESA-mountable for flexibility in mounting and deployment


  • 4K screen
  • RFID reader
  • Intel® Core i7 processor

Downloads and Links:

Product Sheet:Wamee 24″ AIO Computer