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UV Angel Agreement with Butler D53 School District to Create Safer Learning Environments

Air pathogen control technology will be installed in Butler D53 schools to help protect students and staff from dangerous pathogens.

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (March 17, 2021) – UV Angel, maker of next-generation pathogen control technology, today announced an agreement with Butler School District 53 to help create safer and cleaner environments for students, teachers, staff, and parents at its schools. Butler D53 serves students in early childhood through eighth grade in Oak Brook, Illinois.

On Monday, March 8th, the Butler D53 School Board approved a plan to install the patented UV Angel Clean Air™ technology at its two schools to keep students, teachers and staff as safe as possible for in-person learning. The system also gives families added peace of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our students, faculty, and staff healthy and safe has remained our top priority as we reopened our school buildings for full-day, in-person learning with a remote option since the fall of 2020,” Butler School District 53 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul O’Malley said. “Our district’s investment in UV Angel technology is further proof of our commitment to students, parents and staff that we continue to create the safest possible learning environments. We reviewed a wide range of options and UV Angel’s system stood head and shoulders above the rest.”

The technology is being installed at Brook Forest Elementary (grades K-5) and Butler Junior High (grades 6-8) to protect the more than 500 students in the Oak Brook community. Installation of UV Angel technology is already under way.

UV Angel is a West Michigan-based company that specializes in engineered pathogen control technology, which uses ultraviolet light to neutralize up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces and in the air. UV Angel designs their technology around a proven fundamental element, that pathogens are generated by people. The technology is different from many other solutions because it is an engineered “source-level” pathogen control, meaning it targets pathogens at the room-level, where and when they spread. Unlike most cleaning methods that only happen periodically and when people are not around.

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