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City of New London Protects Its Seniors from Airborne Pathogens

Aris Installs UV Angel Clean Air™ System At Re-Opened Senior Centre

The City of New London, CT, proudly announces that it has teamed up with Aris Energy Solutions to install UV Angel Clean Air units in its Senior Centre. These devices, which kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi, have been proven to reduce airborne pathogens and will help protect New London’s seniors against illnesses.

As an added benefit, the city was able to upgrade its outdated fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED downlights built into the UV Angel Clean Air units. Aris installed the UV Angel units shortly before last month’s Senior Centre reopening, and residents and staff were immediately impressed by the brighter look and added protection.

“The City is thrilled to reopen our senior centre facility and to do so with the added protection of airborne pathogen control,” said Brian Sear, New London’s Director of Public Works. “We are very pleased with the UV Angel units, the improved lighting created by the LED downlight, and the installation work done by Aris.”

UV Angel Clean Air is a source-control engineered system that uses patented UV-C light treatment technology to automatically and continually disinfect the air to reduce airborne pathogen levels, creating a healthier and safer environment. The system has been clinically tested in hospitals, schools, and fast-food restaurants with the science and efficacy backed by a world-class team of experts and peer-reviewed papers. The UV Angel Clean Air system is an advanced product configuration of the UV-C technology category recommended by the CDC.

“Given the reopening of municipal buildings and schools, the UV Angel solution can help keep occupants safe from airborne pathogens and ensure these facilities stay fully functional,” said Jake Whitney, Director of Business Development at Aris Energy Solutions. “We are extremely proud to have the City of New London as a valued partner and contribute to the enhanced protection of our seniors.”

Source: Wall Street Call

April 5, 2022

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