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The DT313T medical grade tablet is slim, anti-microbial and UL60601-1 Certified.

Medical Grade Tablet | 313

The latest medical grade tablet (313SC-MD/313T-MD) from DT Research integrates a brilliant 13.3″ capacitive touchscreen and a high performance processor within a slim, semi-rugged, lightweight, durable package.


    • 8th Generation Intel® Core i5 or i7 processor
    • Imprivata ready dual-band RFID reader and single-sign-on authentication support
    • 2D barcode scanner
    • Built-in back camera
    • UL60601-1 Medical Certified
    • Antimicrobial Housing and IP65 Waterproof front Bezel
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Ease of use carry handle


This robust tablet offers health professionals an effective tool to monitor, record and retrieve patient information. With its large, vivid display, the Medical Tablet shows a wide work area and detailed application interface to enhance user experience and workflow.

The 313 Medical Tablet can combine with the HPA Model RS lightweight rolling stand. A locking tablet mount provides secure operation and additional ports for expanded functionality, the roll stand also offers a hot-swappable battery pack for extra operating time (up to 14 hours total), maximising performance and power longevity. The roll stand allows healthcare professionals to efficiently monitor, record, and retrieve patient information with the Medical Tablet docked on a non-intrusive, easy to maneuver roll stand.