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Rugged Medical Tablet | 316T/MD

Rugged Medical Tablet | 316T/MD

The 316T/MD Rugged Medical Tablet features the integration of a brilliant 15.6″ capacitive touch screen and a high performance, energy-efficient Intel® 11th Generation processor within a slim, durable package. With built-in front and back cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as optional data capture modules, this medical tablet offers health professionals an effective tool to monitor, record and retrieve patient information. With its large, vivid display, the 316T/MD Rugged Medical Tablet shows a wide work area and detailed application interface to enhance user experience and workflow.


  • 15.6″ Full-HD capacitive touch screen, digital pen support
  • Intel® 11th Generation Core™ i processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 IoT Enterprise or Ubuntu operating system
  • NIST compliant BIOS available
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 certified with antimicrobial enclosure
  • Hot swappable battery pack
  • Built-in front and back cameras

Major Options:

  • 4K resolution screen
  • NFC/RFID reader
  • Smart card/CAC reader

Downloads and Links:

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