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Negative Pressure Conversion Kit

One of the biggest challenges with Coronavirus is how quickly it can spread through the community with little indication to the extent of individual outbreaks. A proactive approach is the only way to be prepared and not only mitigate sudden surges but also isolate the virus to reduce further infection.

St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney is one such healthcare facility that is not waiting to act before it’s too late. HPA was approached to provide and install two Negative Pressure Conversion Kits into their Covid Surge Ward. The kit transforms any room into a Covid19 patient ready bedroom within a day, and in this case each room can accommodate up to four patients. The kit can be dismantled and re-deployed quickly as required or stored away, ready for the next time a mobile negative pressure room is required.

How the Negative Pressure Conversion Kit Works

  • The room is made airtight and any gaps larger than 1mm are covered with tape
  • An airtight change room is inflated and attached to the door frame. Zip doors allow entry/exit of bed or wheelchairs
  • Ventilation system with HEPA filtration is connected to the inflated change room

Watch the Channel 9 News report below to hear from Todd McEwan and Dr Gail Mattehws from St Vincent’s Hospital.