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Are you being protected from airborne pathogens right now?

Watch the video to find out how an owner-operator of McDonald’s in the Chicago area wanted to take clean air to the next level by applying innovative new technology into his restaurants.

Protecting clients, staff and providing peace of mind during COVID and beyond was the main driver to globally search for a safe air cleaning solution that is easy to operate and maintain. @bearfamilyrestaurants found that UV Angel was a perfect choice.

When it comes to cleaning surfaces the use of chemicals is readily and easily available, but how do you clean air and kill airborne pathogens?

UV Angel Clean Air treats bacteria, fungus, and viruses in the air with elimination rates up to 99.99%.

Air is drawn into a sealed chamber which is exposed to high-intensity UV-C light to inactivate the pathogens. The treated air is then returned to the room creating a safer environment. UV Angel air is unobtrusive and works continuously, neutralising pathogens 24/7.

There has been an increasing number of studies on airborne transmission since the current pandemic began, and we know that air is up to 8 times more contaminated than surfaces. Pathogens can stay in the air for hours if not days before settling on surfaces.

If you clean air you will also clean surfaces.

What this pandemic has taught us is that we need to do more than washing our hands, wiping down surfaces and wearing masks, we need to include cleaning indoor air as part of pathogen control and infection prevention.

With UV Angel, the next generation of clean air is here.