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HyBase V8 Operating Table …. Coming to Australia soon

Efficiency, Safety, Innovation

The Mindray HyBase V8 operating table has just been launched overseas and HPA is the only company in Australia where you can see it locally. Demo stock is arriving in November, and you can be the first to trial or have a virtual introduction.

Why the V8 is essential to operating theatres…

The HyBase V8 provides versatility beyond expectation

The modular design of the table top is tailored for various surgical discipline needs, which can also lower the cost for hospitals as they only need to buy the specific module, instead of a new table, for an additional surgical type.

Huge Imaging Access

The longitudinal shift of up to 350 mm and the ultra-thin base allows the C-arm to descend to the lowest position and rotate over 360°without interfering with the base or frame. The carbon fibre table top ensures good radiolucent imaging. With a wide imaging access and better radiolucency.

Optimal Stability

An extreme load capacity of up to 460 kg.

Better exposure to operating field

Powered body elevator and flex position can reduce the pressure injury and expose the kidney area completely.


Be the first to see the V8 – so much in one table.

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