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Mindray V8 and V8 Classic Theatre Tables

Operating Table | HyBase V8 Family

HyBase V8 | Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

With increasingly complex surgical procedures, today’s surgical environment requires a table that instantly adapts to all versatility to provide the highest level of care. HyBase V8 comes with an extreme weight capacity of up to 460 kg, delivering the highest safety and stability in any position. HyBase V8


HyBase V8 Classic | Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

HyBase V8 Classic, the sequel of HyBase V series , is a new competitive model of Mindray operating family. It not only inherits the highlights of HyBase V series, but also conveys new function which is able to upgrade the safety in OR. As surgical procedures become increasingly complex, the expanding HyBase V series family with different models has been specifically designed to address various customer needs. Mindray HyBase V8 Classic


HyBase V8 Operating Table Features:

  • An extreme load capacity of up to 460 kg.
  • The longitudinal shift of up to 350 mm, free access to C-arm.
  • Vertical movement range 600-1,050mm/595-1,095mm.
  • Intelligent Collision Protection System to stop the table movement before collision occurs (HyBase V8).
  • 12-18 electric movements, such as powered body elevator, powered leg plates and E-drive function, adapting to various surgical needs.
  • Bluetooth hand control for unobstructed control in operating rooms

Flexibility for multiple disciplines

Meet the needs of different surgical positions

The modular design of the table top is tailored for various surgical discipline needs, which can also lower the cost for hospitals as they only need to buy the specific module, instead of a new table, for an additional surgical type.













  • Modular design to meet the needs of different surgical positions
  • Higher imaging quality, optimal stability caters to more endoscopic surgeries
  • Module recognition system, colour-coded indication technology and intelligent collision protection system enhance patient safety
  • Easy to use and move improving efficiency in the operating room
Hybase Operation table Vertical Movement Hybase Operation table Base access
Up to 350mm shift; 450-500mm vertical movement 120/140mm ultra-thin base for C-arm access
HyBase V8 Operation Table Angle Hybase Operation table Wide Image Access
Max slope angle 36°
Max tilt angle 26°
Wide image access

Safety for wide surgical scenarios

Module recognition system Intelligent Collision Protection System (HyBase V8)
A lower back plate and small leg plates are configured with the Module Recognition System to avoid collision between modules and the floor. The Intelligent Collision Protection System (ICPS™) monitors the positions of the table elements during movement to avoid collision by the Module Recognition System. This system also prevents the leg plate from colliding with solid objects when the table is covered with sterile surgical sheets.
Mindray V8 module recognition system Mindray V8 Intelligent Collision Protection System
Colour-coded indicate technology Manual Override System
During the tilt or slope adjustment, a colour-coded indicator appears on the screen to show the angle and issue a timely warning when it comes to excessive Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg position. Allowing table articulation movements and brake release in the event of primary control or power malfunction through an independent hydraulic circuit.
Mindray V8 Colour coded indicator technology Mindray V8 Manual Override System

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Product Brochure Hybase V8 Theatre Table Brochure

HyBase V8 Classic Theatre Table Brochure

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