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ServiceNow is RightNow

ServiceNow is a platform that takes IT, employee and customer work-flows and digitises them to unlock productivity and transform how you work. Data becomes more accessible for businesses and their customers.

HPA has recently integrated ServiceNow and customised it for our healthcare and technology requirements. Relationships are being remodeled and service scope has expanded to achieve broader collective success.

HPA has called it’s ServiceNow platform RightNow because it enables us to provide you better service and access information that is “right here, right now”. Customers can also access their own data through their own customised portal.

HPA’s clients will be able to manage:

  • Instant Access – Connect to instant asset information, last known location, date of purchase, warranty expiration end date and last preventative maintenance completed for each device/ product.
  • Service – Create service tickets and track the progress on all service-related issues. ​
  • Sales Support – Get up to date pricing and submit request for quotes instantly on HPA’s wide range of offerings​.
  • Knowledge Based Articles – Get easy-to-follow troubleshooting guides or browse through our wide selection of brochures (including digital, furniture and our huge selection of GCX mounting solutions).​
  • Reporting – reports issued after preventative maintenance, access to service reports and current logged service calls with HPA.