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Rugged Tablets: Revolutionising Emergency Service

Ambulance crews rely heavily on technology to support their daily work lives to communicate with dispatch, the hospital, and each other, ensuring optimal patient care. More and more, they are turning towards rugged, mobile devices to withstand the often harsh environments in which they operate. During situations where first responders are involved, rugged tablets matter where things are moving quickly and an immediate response time is of the highest importance.

DT Research designs and manufactures mobile rugged devices that deliver flexible functionalities and high performance for operational use that are much needed by first responders and emergency medical services. SwyMed, a leading provider of telemedicine and connectivity solutions through its partnership with DT Research, brings the ability to extend care in emergency medical services even where there is no WiFi.

Respond to Emergencies Faster

During emergencies, minutes, even seconds can make a difference. Rugged tablets integrated with ambulance mobilisation software from SwyMed make dispatching of the emergency team fast and easy. Rugged tablets have options including Wi-Fi, 5G compatibility, 4G LTE, and built-in GPS to help emergency teams access the information they need when it matters the most and from wherever they are.

Reliable and Durable Even in Moving Vehicle

Rugged tablets are engineered to stand shock from vibration during transport, drops, water, dirt, and more. They can also be cleaned and sanitised while maintaining full functionality. They are independently tested and certified up to military-grade MIL-STD-810G/H and IP65 for durability and security. Though slim and lightweight these tablets prove their rugged nature to withstand low and high temperatures in extreme weather and harsh conditions, while also surviving drops of up to four feet high, still being completely intact with no damage to the tablet or its operating system. Rugged tablets for first responders also have vehicle mount accessories available to keep secure in the ambulance during transport, making them available to use even when the ambulance is in motion.

Streamlined and Seamless Team Operations

With rugged tablets, technology goes wherever you need to go. DT Research mobile solutions provide a fully integrated ecosystem of rugged devices and accessories specifically tailored for ambulance applications. One major problem of the past has been as simple as a matter as illegible handwriting, which can cause great confusion following handovers especially during emergency transfers at the hospital.

With rugged tablets, seamless transference of records can now be easily accessed, safely recorded, secured, and protected. Records that are uploaded into the tablet during ambulance transport can be accessed by hospital staff before the patient arrives so they are up to speed on the case. All records can be accessed in real-time by anyone with access to the network.

Cleaner Operations

Medical tablets from DT Research offer anti-microbial coating which prevents bacteria from staying on the surface, avoiding infections and virus circulation in clean-sensitive areas. These rugged medical tablets can also be cleaned as needed. Fans can pose problems for healthcare settings, as the fan sucks in particulate from the air, and then shoot it back out in a concentrated form. A fanless rugged tablet means pathogens in the air won’t be circulated through the tablet, keeping the air around it cleaner.

Rugged tablets are durable, withstanding bumps that occur in ambulances in route to respond to emergency situations. Rugged tablets are equipped with built-in CAC readers for additional security features, allowing only authorized personnel to access patient records.

Because DT Research tablets for first responders are rugged and solid-state, they are more reliable. When every second matter, having technology fail isn’t an option.

Written by DT Research July 28, 2021