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HPA Announces Partnership with Mindray to Bring Cutting-Edge Life-Saving Technologies to Australia Healthcare Facilities

The new partnership expands access to customer-centred medical solutions that ensure Australia’s hospitals, aged care, and healthcare providers are efficiently equipped to deliver best-in-class care to patients.

HPA, an Australia-New Zealand provider of healthcare technology and supplies, today announced a partnership with Mindray to distribute the company’s innovative medical devices and solutions in Australian markets. The agreement includes Mindray’s most advanced patient monitoring and life support devices, medical supply units, operating tables, and lighting systems.

With the world still negotiating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever the healthcare industry’s focus is on expanding access to new technologies for the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and support of patients. Integrating these patient-first, life-saving technologies provides immediately demonstrable value to healthcare organisations and care facilities.

The agreement between HPA and Mindray allows HPA to distribute operating theatre tables, lights, 4K endoscope camera systems, and medical supply units Australia-wide, and patient monitoring and life support to healthcare providers in WA and NT.

“We are excited to partner with Mindray and to connect our healthcare customers with vital equipment and supply chain support that enables them to deliver a superior level of care to their patients,” said Shawn Wigham, Managing Director at HPA. “We are committed to getting care providers the equipment and supplies they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s a privilege to partner with innovation leaders like Mindray to enhance our customers’ ability to positively impact patients’ lives.”

The HPA-Mindray partnership promises to deliver solutions that increase the effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency of care that HPA’s healthcare customers can offer. Better technology solutions help healthcare providers achieve their operational and strategic goals, provide a platform to demonstrate market leadership, and support sustainable organisational growth.

“We are extremely pleased to join with HPA in this critical new relationship,” said Paul Woodhouse, General Manager at Mindray Australia. “Today’s healthcare landscape is filled with complex and evolving challenges, and this partnership leans into Mindray’s global vision to make technology a driver for better patient care and improved health outcomes. We embrace the opportunity to connect our innovative, high-value solutions with HPA’s healthcare supply chain and distribution excellence.”