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Reasons to Upgrade Your Outdated Examination Lights

HPA upgraded 200 Halux halogen exam lights to Visiano 20-2 in The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. This resulted in the facility saving electricity and maintenance costs whilst having the latest in lighting technology. The original Halux halogen lights
were installed 5 years earlier and in that time, the quality of light emission and
housings have greatly improved.

Upgrading is more economical than buying an entire new light. Each light can
take as little as 15 minutes* to swap out as the existing wall or ceiling mount
is used and power adapter can be quickly replaced. There is no dust, mess or
cleaning needed and HPA works around facilities requirements.
Upgrades are not limited to Halux and can be performed on most pre-existing
exam lights, whether halogen or LED.

Economic and Environment

The Visiano 20-2 is made of high-quality parts including rigid aluminium arms with spring-balanced friction joint and a built-in transformer for maximum safety and energy efficiency. This results in extremely low service requirements and replacement parts.

LED’s are much cheaper to run and use 7-20 watts, whereas halogen globes use 35-500 watts to emit the same amount of light. There is no need to replace LED’s as they run for more than 35,000 hours.

Visiano 20

Be it in general or dermatological practice, in ENT or gynaecology, in highly sensitive stations such as neonatology or intensive care: the VISIANO 20-2 is a true multi-talent. Due to its unique design, 16 LED’s, state-of-the-art lighting technology and highest light quality, it provides perfect examination conditions.

  • LED Technology
  • Illumination strength dimmable in 4 stages
  • Illuminated field 210 mm
  • Highest light quality due to diamond optics
  • Precise colour rendering Ra >95, R9 >90
  • Antimicrobial hygiene function on important lamp components (optional)
  • Colour temperatures (3500K and 4500K)
  • Enclosed housing
  • 360° tunover axis
  • 3 year warranty

* Dependent on the light to be upgraded.