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Thin Client CPU Holder

The CBS Thin Client Mount is a CPU holder accessory designed to securely house Thin and Zero Clients. Designed to mount between a VESA plate and a monitor, or under a desk using a bracket (optional), the Thin Client Mount can be adjusted to accommodate a range of Thin Clients from 38 to 67 mm depth.


Thin Client Mount with bracket

Thin Client Mount without bracket


Quick and easy installation

Designed to let air circulate to keep the Thin Client from over heating

Includes foam pads to protect Thin Client

Ten easy to adjust settings to accommodate a range of devices

Can be positioned conveniently for IT support work behind the monitor or under the desk

Built-in integrated cable management


Weight limit- Up to 12kgs

Colour- Black

Horizontal Range- 274 mm

Vertical Range- 147 mm