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CPU Holder | Loop

Loop, with its elegant strap and base of high-quality engineering plastics, is a strong yet lightweight solution for CPU storage. It comes in the smallest possible box to minimise logistical costs and packaging waste. Loop is quick and simple to install and creates the minimum visual impact on the workspace.

Options for the Loop CPU holder

Slide & Rotate mount: has a track (350 mm or 520 mm) which allows the CPU to slide out of the way, but can glide back & turn for access to the back of the CPU.

Rotational mount: turns the CPU 360° for easy access to cable sockets at the rear of the CPU.


Made from precision engineering plastics

The CPU is securely held in place with a webbing strap (and tightened with a ratchet mechanism)

Fixed to the underside of a desk
Compact in size for easy shipping and storage


Min PC Dimensions- 90 w x 275h mm

Max PC Dimensions- 225w x 500h mm

Weight- Up to 20 kgs

Colour- Black