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Code Reader 2700 dark and light grey

Handheld Scanner | Code Reader 2700

The Code Reader 2700 has wireless (inductive) charging, which eliminates any exposed metal thereby making the device even more durable to the cleaners required for infectious-disease control standards. Combined with seamless construction, an IP65 rating, and top-of-the-line CodeShield® Plastics, the CR2700 can be quickly and completely wiped down with even the harshest chemicals.

The CR2700 introduces Bluetooth® 5 to barcode scanning—increasing data transmission security and extending the battery life to minimise downtime during work shifts. A built-in gauge tells users when it’s time to change the battery, which can quickly be swapped for a fresh one, getting employees right back to business as usual. The CR2700 can also be paired with a Bluetooth Dongle—providing easy setup and reliable communication with a host PC while allowing the scanner to be charged elsewhere.

The CR2700 itself, and other essential accessories are available in both light or dark gray respectively. The Light Grey model is built using CodeShield® Level 3 Plastics, able to withstand the widest range of disinfectants on the market. Alternatively, the Dark Grey model is built using CodeShield® Level 2 Plastics.


  • CodeShield® PVC-Free disinfectant-ready plastics which stand up to harsh disinfectants
  • Reads barcodes on mobile device screens
  • Compatible with Code’s CortexTools2® software configuration utility
  • Paging button to assist in locating reader (Charger Station with embedded CodeXML® modem option only)
  • Code Complete service and extended warranty plans
  • Powerful data management capability with JavaScript
  • CortexRM® Remote Management ready
  • IP65 rating seals out dust and moisture
  • Using Bluetooth Dongle pair to any supported Android, iOS, or Windows computer, devices, or tablets
  • Multiple programmable buttons for customised workflow processes
  • High speed, omnidirectional reading of all 1D, 2D, Postal barcodes
  • Patented glare reduction technology for reading barcodes on shiny surfaces
  • Patented dual-field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit
  • Visual, audible, and haptic indicator customisation for workflow needs
  • Smart battery shows battery health with a visible fuel gauge
  • Durable, quick-release rechargeable battery cartridges
  • Lightweight, ergonomic models in palm and handled configurations
  • Streamlined case eliminating hard-to-disinfect nooks and crannies
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5 for enhanced data security, throughput and transmission range
  • Inductive charging eliminates chemical corrosion caused by disinfectants

Downloads and Links:

Product Sheets: Code Reader 2700 Datasheet