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WATO EX-65 Pro

Anaesthetic Machine | WATO EX-65 Pro

More Precise

With new integrated innovative functions, the WATO EX-65 Pro enables you to precisely control anesthesia for different types of patients easily and precisely.
  • High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) to extend the safe apnoeic oxygenation time during induction
  • Digital Gas Mixer makes fresh gas flow settings easier and more precise
  • Smart Ventilator with a full range of ICU grade ventilation modes
  • Two optional maneuvers and multiple information to evaluate Lung Recruitment effectiveness

More Cost-Effective

Optimiser and AA Measurement

The low flow Optimiser provides real-time guidance for cost-effective optimisation of the fresh gas flow, and thus the anesthetic agent. The AA Measurement enables you to monitor real-time anesthetic agent consumption and keep costs in mind.

AA Prediction

With AA prediction, it is possible to display both previous and current values of FiAA, EtAA as well as MAC, and even forecast their future trends.

More Visible

With a 15-inch high-resolution display and intuitive touch user interface, the WATO EX-65 Pro makes the anesthesia process more visible.


EX-65 15inch Capacitive Touch screen EX-65 Visual System Check and Smart Alarm
15-inch Capacitive Touch-screen Visual System Check and Smart Alarm

Download and Links:

Product Brochure WATO EX-65 Pro Anesthesia Machine Brochure