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Hospital Products Australia joins forces with Monash Health to revolutionise medical record management

HPA, in partnership with Monash Health, has successfully implemented the largest EMR rollout in its history.

Medical facilities have come under increasing pressure to reduce costs, increase risk management and provide streamlined information access/exchange through in-house EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems. Furthermore, legislation requires records be retained for seven years, meaning paper-based record storage and retrieval places significant pressure on floor space and staff resources.

In response to this demand, Hospital Products Australia (HPA) has implemented one of the safest, most functional, integrated hospital information systems on the market as a solution for Monash Health. Designed with tether-less portability, enabling point-of-care functionality, the system is resulting in enhanced patient care and supports sustainability by moving away from a reliance on paper-based records.


Within a few short months between July and November 2019, HPA rolled out a state-of-the-art hardware EMR system across seven Monash Health sites. The scope of the project involved over 8,000 pieces of hardware, constituting almost 900 GCX workstations on wheels, DT Research All-in-one computers, and over 850 Zebra scanners and printers.

HPA’s Managing Director, Shawn Wigham acknowledged the outstanding results of his team when he stated, “it has been remarkable to witness our design team develop and deliver new products specifically for these rollouts. The innovations have been so successful that many have become core products within our broad hardware portfolio.”

According to Mr. Wigham, the integration of smart and programmable RFIDeas reader chipsets at the manufacturing stage, establishes a groundwork for future security and tracking expansion. The chipsets within the AIOs will also enable software currently in development, to realise real-time tracking of whole hospital assets; placing Monash Health on the front foot with its asset tracking and management.


Historically, IoT (Internet of Things) devices within a healthcare environment have experienced difficulties integrating complex medical data. The introduction of an open device, with interoperability built into a Windows 10 platform, has simplified this communication.

The system operates through digitally barcoded wristbands, supplied to patients at the time of admission. Within this digital platform, staff can confirm a patient’s identity and access their medical history; enabling clinicians to tailor a personalised care solution. With the consent of patients, the transfer of care between medical providers can now be seamlessly initiated.

Supporting hardware

As part of the implementation, Monash Hospital’s new EMR software is being supported by a range of medical monitoring and IT mounting solutions. Manufactured from medical grade components and able to withstand the rigours of continual cleaning and sterilisation, many components can be retrofitted onto existing GCX equipment.

Key design features, specifically tailored for a healthcare environment, have been included in HPA’s carts and workstations. One notable advance is the inclusion of hot-swappable batteries which achieve superior mobility and zero downtime, making the units appreciably more cost effective.

Designing hardware tailored to the end-user has resulted in greater functionality and enhanced ergonomic workflow.

A perfect example of this is HPA’s Slim Line Workstation on Wheels (WOW). With floor space always at a premium, the workstation sports a world first design boasting an ultra-thin profile, which pivots and folds to fit into the tightest workspaces. Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and equipped with hot-swappable batteries, it offers the ultimate in portability.

The range is supported by technologically advanced AIO Medical Grade Computers – featuring a 22” screen, built-in Bluetooth, and 8th Generation Core™ i processor, and software which enables remote monitoring.

The system is backed up by Zebra printers; capable of producing barcodes, text and graphics. Compact enough to be clipped to a belt or mobile workstation, they make sample and specimen identification more transparent – mitigating the risk of human error.

Speed, safety, success

For Monash Hospital patients, this EMR system is streamlining the admissions process by substantially reducing paperwork. Critical information regarding patient allergies and other relevant data is available to staff at the touch of a button. Relieved from the minutiae of paperwork staff are able to concentrate on more meaningful patient care.

Electronic Record Management is evolving to meet the increasing demands of an ever growing industry. As Shawn Wigham states, “our ongoing challenge as an organisation is to keep developing new solutions for the industry. We have exceptional personnel working on innovations that will influence change within the Digital Healthcare space for our existing and future clients. It is truly thrilling to observe the advances the HPA team is making in this field.”

This implementation has forged an ongoing collaborative relationship between HPA and Monash Health. Together they are committed to future-proofing patient management systems while helping to establish Monash Health as the gold standard in world class healthcare providers.