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Antimicrobial Tablets – A Standard of Production in 2022 for DT Research

This past year changed the landscape of operations for many industries. Not only do companies need to ensure efficient operations, hiring quality teams and keeping an eye on profits and expenses; companies globally now have a responsibility to take extra precautions when it comes to employee safety. Extra cleaning measures, work-from-home policies, and implementation of new technology are all changes that are being made to combat the issue of worker safety.

In 2021, we saw an uptick in businesses selling our antimicrobial tablets to the healthcare sector. As the end of the year came close and our team brainstormed ways to serve our clients, we came to the realization that the healthcare sector is not the only industry in need of preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. So, we put our solution hats on and made the decision to change the design of our tablets to fit the needs of our clients across multiple industries.

2022 for us, is a year of antimicrobial tablets.

That’s right, we decided to assist all our customers in the fight to prevent illness at work. So, as we roll out this new year, we are beginning to roll out all our new rugged tablet offerings with antimicrobial enclosures to benefit across all industries we serve – construction, warehousing, logistics, law enforcement, military as well as healthcare.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Tablets For Varying Industries:


On a given day, a rugged tablet on the warehouse floor could be passed through multiple hands from shift to shift or department to department. Employees don’t always have time to stop and think – when was the last time I washed my hands? Or what if a team member was feeling fine when they left the house, but after working for a few hours’ symptoms start to emerge?

Antimicrobial tablets reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses to safeguard against these potential scenarios and more on the warehouse floor, so that work may continue with a minimal spread of risk of passing along the germs.

Shipping and Logistics

A fast-paced environment requiring signatures from deliveries, and handled packages from many locations, leaving drivers little time in their schedule for hygiene practices often throughout their day. Rugged tablets for logistics with antimicrobial enclosures is a step toward keeping our drivers and logistics teams healthy and out of the “germs” way. Preventing the spread of germs from signatures on the tablet or passing along bacteria from package to tablet.


With so many “hands-on deck” for a construction project, updates need to happen in real-time, and sometimes that requires multiple people using the same tablet. No need to fear, antimicrobial tablets are here! When the job requires multiple touchpoints on the tablet, antimicrobial rugged tablets both assist in real-time communication and the prevention of spreading germs from one person to another.

Law Enforcement

So many hours in the field, answering the calls of service to the community. We could see why wiping down a tablet or remembering to grab the hand sanitizer often could be difficult to remember. We’ve got your back! Introducing both small handheld tablets with walkie-talkie features, convertible laptops, and rugged tablets now built to let you work longer without needing to stop to remember to wipe things down between calls.


This one may seem obvious, but we’re including it anyway. Let’s face it, hospitals can get chaotic and crazy from time to time, especially when treating high-risk patients, moving from room to room must be done in moments. When it’s a patient’s life on the line with no time to wipe everything down, healthcare professionals take an oath to put patients first. So, we’ve made it easy to assist them in their service, by reducing the spread of germs in those fast-paced situations – or just the busy healthcare office fitting in as many patients as they can see in a day.

No matter what industry our clients serve, in 2022 we are making the commitment to serve our clients in the fight to keep them safe, healthy, and optimally working. Rugged tablets provide mobility, durability, and reliability in the field or in an office setting. Built tough to last longer than consumer-grade tablets with the ability to withstand harsh conditions such as dust, extreme temperatures, drops, and spills.

We offer the tools to help your team get the job done safely and efficiently in 2022.

Written by DT Research

January 17, 2022