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HPA Derungs Wall Mounted Light with Circadian Lighting Visual Timing Light with a light grey background

Wall Mounted | Derungs Zera Wall

The Timeless Vision: Stylish & Straight.

With the ZERA wall-mounted luminaire, the Derungs development team has brought a new generation of wall lights to life.

Equipped with high-output LEDs, packed in an aluminum body and easily installed with wall rails, it provides new freedom for lighting designers, electrical installers and architects.

Problematic spaces that are narrow, low or lack windows are not only optimally illuminated by the high portion of indirect light, but also appear larger and more inviting.

  • ZERA Wall is suitable for hallways and stairways
  • Indirect Portion is approximately 60% which provides uniformly bright, low-shadow spaces
  • Slim, reduced design fits into the space harmoniously – only 20mm high
  • Lower installation costs thanks to a smaller number of luminaires required
  • Economical thanks to high energy efficiency
  • Quick to install and maintenance free
  • Can be integrated with a DALI light management system
  • ZERA is available with optional Visual Timing Light (Circadian Lighting)
  • Other variants include ZERA Bed and Zera BATH

Derungs Visual Timing Light (VTL):

VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) from Derungs, recreates the effects of natural daylight, restoring proper rhythm and balance to people’s lives.

A Form of Circadian Lighting

Utilising state-of-the-art, tunable LED lighting technology, VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) is a light management system that automatically and gradually changes the intensity and colour temperature of VTL enabled LEDs, through-out the day.

VTL is biologically effective humancentric lighting and is a form of circadian lighting, helping to create and maintain healthy wake/rest rhythms.

First developed in 2014, in Switzerland, by Derungs, VTL has been installed in over 250 Aged Care and Health facilities, since 2017, demonstrating and proving a wide range of benefits for residents, caregivers and operators.

The benefits of Circadian Lighting in stimulating growth and healing have long been appreciated in the health sector with hospitals utilising circadian lighting in care wards such as Intensive Care Units and where patients are bedridden for long periods.  (see also HT Cover / HT Sky Ceiling / HT Healing Light)

Designed specifically to benefit the health and well being of residents in aged care, particularly those living with the effects of dementia, as well as visual or cognitive impairments, Derungs Visual Timing Light combines circadian lighting technology (tuneable LEDs) with beautiful, architectural luminaire fittings.

A rising sun over sunflower fields to demonstrate the impact of Circadian Lighting Visual Timing Light
Click the image above to visit the detailed Visual Timing Light page

Summary of ZERA Wall Variants:

Derungs ZERA Wall Mounted Luminaires are available in 2 sizes:

  • 500mm Wide x 142mm Depth
  • 1050mm Wide x 142mm  Depth

With differing levels of Colour Temperature, Luminous Flux and Luminous Efficacy you can choose the most aesthetically pleasing luminaire size with the appropriate light output for any hallway, stairway or common room.


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Downloads and Links:

Brochure:HPA Brochure – Derungs ZERA Wall Mounted Luminaires
Product Sheets:HPA Data Sheet – Zera VTL 20 W – D15448000-00802828US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera VTL 40 W – D15840000-00759064US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera 20 W (DALI) – D15936000-00803300US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera 40 W (DALI) – D15931000-00800142US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera 40 W (DALI) – D15856000-00759049US

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