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HyPort R80 Pendant

Pendant | HyPort R80


With the built-in oxygen concentration monitoring system and effective cable management system, the HyPort R80 is an ICU pendant that capable of creating a reliable and streamlined ICU environment to ensure patient safety.


24-hour continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration with built-in alert systemProper exhaust system design

Cable Management

HyPort R80 Leadwire ManagerHyPort R80 Pump Cable ClampsHyPort R80 Bedside Device Cable Manager
Hook-design Leadwire ManagerPump Cable ClampsBedside Device Cable Manager


The HyPort R80 is a highly integrated bedside device management system that helps caregivers organize medical devices to meet various clinical needs. It makes efficient use of beside space with a series of easy-to-use designs, enabling a more efficient workflow for medical staff.


The lighting system of the HyPort R80 aims to create a comfortable, near-natural light ICU environment to enhance patient recovery.

  • Circadian Light – simulating 24-hour natural daylight change to reflect circadian rhythm.
  • Examination Light – Up to 10,000 lux, 5-level adjustable illuminance meets various needs of head and abdominal examination.
  • Reading Light – Effectively avoid invalid glare to meet the reading needs of rehabilitating patients.
  • Navigation Light – Providing enough lighting with less glare for medical staff’s easy observation and intervention.


The HyPort R80 has been designed to meet the demands of different ICU layouts to create a safer, more efficient and comfortable ICU environment with patient-centric design.

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