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ePM 12 compact patient monitor

Patient Monitoring | ePM Compact

Inspired by the needs of customers, Mindray patient monitors adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation. The ePM Compact delivers excellent visual experience, intelligent operation, accurate physiological measurements, smooth workflow, and comprehensive connectivity options for demanding hospital settings, such as Emergency Rooms, Recovery Units, Sub-acute Units, and General Wards.

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

Based on clinical insight, the ePM Compact has optimised workflow to support caregivers at the bedside, swiping the touch screen to switch between commonly used functions and interfaces, enabling clinical tasks to be completed quickly and accurately.

Mindray ePM Compact monitors provide a point-of-care EWS calculator to help clinicians track and document signs of patient deterioration, aiding faster and more informed patient care decisions.

Intuitive SpO2 target management dashboard helps to reduce risk of excessive oxygen. 24 hours of SpO2 statistics helps care givers to evaluate the treatment effects.

Effectively identify apnea of prematurity as ABD event, supporting safety in neonates.

Accurate, Reliable Parameters

The integrated Platinum™ MPM parameters and anti-interference performance ensure excellent parameter accuracy and reliability.
Reduce False Alarms with CrozFusion™

Innovative multi-parameter alarm analysis can reduce false arrhythmia alarms and promote the accuracy of heart rate and pulse rate, and help to alleviate alarm fatigue.
Accuracy of HR & PR
False lethal arrhythmia alarm
False arrhythmia alarm
*The results are based on an evaluation by Mindray multi-parameter fusion database.

Valuable and Accessible IT Solution

Mindray Central Monitoring System is designed to make patient monitoring simpler with an easy-to-use user interface and optimised workflow efficiency, while at the same time minimise the patient’s risk of deterioration. As a powerful and highly connective system, it allows safe and efficient monitoring in a more cost-effective way.
Mindray ePM devices can connect to the CMS and eGateway through both wired and wireless networks, as well as interfacing with third-party electronic medical records (EMR) via HL7 output directly.

Flexible Mounting Solutions

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Product Sheets:ePM 10/12/15 Brochure