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Examination Light | Derungs Halux N50

The original Halux is known for its classic shape and reliability. These same qualities plus an updated design and innovative features have been incorporated into the new Halux N50.  Minimalist form and the typical Swiss attention to detail makes it the perfect luminaire for anyone who wants more light output or colour-changing light. It can be used in all areas of human and veterinary medicine, including Dermatology, Gynecology, Patient Care and General/emergency medicine.



  • Fast cleaning thanks to closed design
  • Standard wall rail system
  • Maintenance-free – high-quality materials and durable LED technology
  • Extension arm
  • Safe and easy positioning
  • Table clamp
  • Light output – 50,000 Lux @ 0.5 m**
  • Universal fastener
  • Large homogeneous light field for maximum visual comfort
  • Rail clamp
  • Illumination field – Ø 18 cm @ 0.5 m**
  • Wall bracket
  • Colour temperature fixed 4,400 K, adjustable 3,300 K / 3,800 K / 4,400 K*
  • Pipe clamp
  • 5 dimming levels
  • Rollerstand
  • With integrated power supply unit
    • Meets normative requirements EN 60601-1 & EN 60601-2-41
  • Cyanosis compliant for Halux N50-3 at 3300 K  COI = 1.99, at 3800 K COI = 1.28, at 4400K COI = 2.45  (report available on request)

**-10% / +20% tolerance *optional

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