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Evaluating Supports for Healthcare IT Equipment

Is your mount keeping up with your investments in EMR, tablet and mobile solutions?

If you’re planning or in the process of adding or upgrading IT equipment, it’s important to select an ideal mount to support that hardware. Finding the right partner to provide safe, secure accessibility to IT equipment can be difficult for healthcare IT managers and biomedical teams who work with a broad range of IT vendors.

Whether it’s replacing workstation computers or providing tablets at the bedside, these IT teams must consider how well a solution works within patient care areas, not generic workspaces. Whether it’s continuous clinical access to diagnostic imaging or patient tablet use at the bedside, a potential mount should be evaluated on criteria such as the following:

Adaptivity. Most healthcare IT equipment needs to be quickly and safely accessed by multiple users daily. Make sure that arm easily and securely adjusts to different heights and safely swivels to share screens with multiple people. This reduces the chance of workplace injuries from poor ergonomics.

Reliability. Does the manufacturer have a solid track record for building products with long lifecycles? Are there product experts available to help determine and perhaps design the proper mount? Do they conduct stability testing on custom configurations to ensure safe usage?

Durability. Hospitals are not like other enterprises and therefore, their care areas require products made to withstand high usage and harsh cleansers. They also need mounts that minimise germ-hiding crevices and maximise cable management.

Guarantees. It’s important that a medical manufacturer vouch for its work with a warranty for a reasonable amount of time. For instance, GCX’s warranty guarantees defective-free parts and workmanship for five years upon date of delivery. They also hold numerous certifications to back their exemplary products and manufacturing processes.

Seamless On-site Service. In addition to medical-grade materials, it’s important that tech refreshes or additions minimally disrupt clinical or administrative workflows tied to health outcomes. Expert deployments by those who actually make the mounts ensure both the mount and IT device it supports is installed correctly and around your schedule, not theirs. And that devices can be accessed quickly to not interrupt patient care.

GCX has been providing hospitals worldwide with such mounting solutions for more than 50 years. Their arms, roll stands, mobile workstations and carts are designed specifically for hectic healthcare environments and made with durable, medical-grade materials. Additionally, we can expertly install any mount on-site at your convenience.


Written by GCX,  11 October 2022