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Wall Mounted | Derungs Zera Bed

For well-being in nursing and residential homes for the elderly

The residents’ living room in senior residences and care facilities is a multifunctional area: as well as being the de facto living area it is also the location where nursing care and medical treatment take place.

Perfect lighting design must meet all these requirements.  From a statistical viewpoint, most falls occur in the living area. Comprehensive measures in terms of the interior design, but also a versatile lighting solution like the ZERA bed, help banish the danger which the risk of falling represents.

The night light helps residents and carers get their bearings more easily at night and enables rapid activation of the room lighting, if required. The bedside wall mounted luminaire creates a sunny and welcoming atmosphere in the room with its pleasant ambient lighting.

The examination lighting at the foot of the bed has an illumination intensity of 300 lux to support nursing staff in their daily care duties. More general health promotion is supported by the biologically effective light management system the VISUAL TIMING LIGHT.

This – so-called human centric lighting – has a sustained positive impact on elderly people’s wellbeing and sleep patterns.

A rising sun over sunflower fields to demonstrate the impact of Circadian Lighting Visual Timing Light
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Different light scenarios

The ZERA BED wall mounted luminaire has four separate and switchable light scenarios and need-based colour temperatures: a homogeneous general lighting (3000K), a rectangular examination light (4000K), a glare-free reading light (2700K) and a soothing night light (2700K).

A particular highlight is the clear and distinct examination and treatment light with a medium illumination intensity of 1000 lux in the hospital and clinic area or 300 lux at the foot of the bed.

ZERA Connected Care – Fall Prevention

Connected Care is a sensor system from Derungs that is used discreetly on the resident’s bed to prevent falls during the day and at night.

A sensor is integrated in the light switches on the night light and sends a wireless signal to nursing staff when the resident wants to leave the bed or has already left it.

Connected Care makes and important contribution to the prevention of falls and supports the demanding everyday care routine.

Connected Care offers:

  • Safety for residents (fall prevention)
  • Simplification of care activities, especially during night shift
  • Contactless & maintenance free
  • Reasonable purchase and maintenance costs
  • The system can be used independently and continuously expanded

Convalescence and care.  In hospital and medical facilities

Rest for patients, continuous operational readiness and rapid response times are required in medical facilities.  Therefore the lighting must be extremely reliable and powerful to  best support patient care.

The innovative examination light, determined by the size of the bed, can be quickly operated using a switch or optional ON/OFF device on the luminaire.

With its high color rendering index of Ra>90 and a moderate illumination intensity of 1000 lux, the examination light on ZERA Bed creates the perfect conditions for  examinations.

The glare-free, indirect portion of the light pleasantly illuminates the room.

The discreet night light ensures easy orientation without disturbing sleeping patients. Particularly in a new and unfamiliar hospital, patients should quickly get their bearings. In addition, the ZERA Bed makes it possible to monitor patients effectively and discreetly, if necessary. To make the time spent in a hospital bed pass more quickly and pleasantly, the glare-free reading light allows enjoyable reading time.

Zera Bed

  • Latest LED Technology for energy reduction
  • 4 different light scenarios – General Lighting, Examination Light, Reading Light, Night Light
  • Strong examination light for high illumination of the bed with up to 1000lux, 4000K, CRI>90
  • Needs based light for residents, patients and staff
  • High quality aluminium luminaire body for quick and easy cleaning
  • Asymmetric free-form optic for effective light control
  • Elegant, flat design for discreet integration in the room
  • Optional Visual Timing Light – Circadian Light Management
  • Optional Zera Connected Care Fall Prevention
  • Optional – Separate switch for examination light

Zera Bed – Overview of Variants

Zera Bed offers 20 different variations to ensure there is a wall mounted, overbed light configuration to suit any resident or patient bedroom design.

Contact HPA’s Aged & Healthcare Lighting product specialists to discuss your projects specific lighting requirements and to utilise our comprehensive light planning resources to select the best light variant for your project.

Downloads and Links:

Brochure:HPA Brochure – Derungs ZERA Wall Mounted Luminaires
Product Sheets:ZERA Bed Eco

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed Eco 36-20 W – D15969000-00803694US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed Eco 36-20 W – D15970000-00803695US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed Eco 36-20 W – D15955000-00803692US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed Eco 36-20 W – D15968000-00803693US

ZERA Bed 36/33

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed VTL 36-33 W – D15733000-00705162US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15720000-00689717US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15696000-00689673US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15695000-00689661US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15845000-00747029US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15844000-00747026

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15752000-00703253US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-33 W – D15736000-00697827US

ZERA Bed 36-60

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed VTL 36-60 W – D15734000-00710920US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15737000-00697830US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15764000-00711741US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15939000-00800923US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15940000-00801283US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15697000-00689702US

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15698000-00689705

HPA Data Sheet – Zera Bed 36-60 W – D15721000-00689722US

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