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Derungs Zera Bath mounted above a mirror in an aged care bathroom

Wall Mounted | Derungs Zera Bath

Lighting is always a challenge in baths and lavatories.  Whether it’s the nighttime trip to the toilet or the danger of falling on a wet floor: If you see well, you move more safely. ZERA Bath doesn’t just help prevent falls, but also transforms any small bathroom into an inviting space.

At the same time, and like the ZERA Wall and ZERA Bed luminaires, the slender ZERA Bath light is bright without glare.

Especially pleasing is the low-shadow, uniform illumination that ZERA Bath achieves with its high portion of indirect light.

The special IP44 protection against water splashing ensures safe use in the bath.

Winner – reddot award 2018

Even & consistent lighting for living with dementia:

Simple and carefully considered design can create a dementia friendly bathroom which can help to reduce the challenges that people living with dementia face everyday.

Lighting that creates shadows can be distressing  Dark spots can feel ominous to the brain and may cause distress to residents.  Even and consistent lighting will help residents move more easily and confidently throughout the space.

Zera Bath blends direct and indirect light and diffuses it through a glare-free prismatic screen which helps by scattering the light more evenly.

With a Colour Rendering Index of >80, Zera lights enable Accurate Colour Judgement which, with crisp, clean light is important in assisting those living with dementia to recognise themselves and clearly identify their surroundings.

Zera Bath provides variants with differences in colour temperature and luminance flux to ensure a seamless integration of consistent light from bedroom into bathroom.

Chart showing the differences of each HPA Derungs Zera Bath light variants
Click to compare all Zera Bath variants

The Timeless Vision: Stylish & Straight.

With the ZERA wall-mounted luminaire, the Derungs development team has brought a new generation of wall lights to life.

Equipped with high-output LEDs, packed in an aluminum body and easily installed with wall rails, it provides new freedom for lighting designers, electrical installers and architects.

Problematic spaces that are narrow, low or lack windows are not only optimally illuminated by the high portion of indirect light, but also appear larger and more inviting.

  • ZERA Bath is suitable for Bathrooms in all Aged Care and Hospital projects
  • IP44 rating prevents the ingress of water in bathrooms
  • Indirect Portion is approximately 60% which provides uniformly bright, low-shadow spaces
  • Slim, reduced design fits into the space harmoniously – only 20mm high
  • Lower installation costs thanks to a smaller number of luminaires required
  • Economical thanks to high energy efficiency
  • Quick to install and maintenance free
  • Can be integrated with a DALI light management system
  • ZERA is available with optional Visual Timing Light (Circadian Lighting)
  • Other variants include ZERA Bed and Zera BATH


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