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Examination Light | Visiano 10

Category: Derungs Lights

The Visiano 10 is an LED examination light for everyday use.

Thanks to its unique diamond optics and premium LEDs the Visiano 10 has professional light quality with a homogeneous light field, high illumination intensity, low-shadow and first-class colour rendering. It can be used universally in doctors’ surgeries and the clinical sector and the range of accessories make it versatile to be mounted on a roller stand, on the wall or on a rail.

Aesthetically the Visiano 10 is timeless with its slimline design, ergonomic handle, sealed construction and smooth surface.


  • Fitted with 1 LED module
  • Colour rendering CRI > 93
  • Colour temperature approx. 4,400 K
  • Luminaire head can be turned 2800
  • Power consumption 13W
  • Complies with the requirements of standards EN60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41