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Trio LT Computing Workstation

Trio™ LT Computing Workstation

Elevate Clinical Efficiency with the Trio LT powered mobile workstation

The Capsa Healthcare Trio LT is a powered computing workstation on wheels that offers all the essential features and proven power flexibility you want in a modern workstation. Configurable just the way you need it, the Trio LT workstaion now offers more versatility and options to meet all the differing needs for point-of-care workstations throughout your facility.

Power Options

The innovative Trio LT’s GoLiFe power system ensures reliable performance, offering two charging workflow options. Choose between stand-alone in-base power of 50 amp hours or combine it with the GoLiFe external battery for an extended 30 hours of runtime. Trust in the safety and efficiency of Trio LT to elevate your mobile computing experience in healthcare. Learn more about GoLiFe

Key Features

  • Slim workstation profile, lightweight design and N-Stride steer assist
  • Scalable power system with power options that can be integrated with external power to meet any runtime requirement
  • Supports a variety of storage options including key lock or non-locking standard bin or MaxBin system
  • Manual or electronic lift options
  • Comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warrant
Simple Mobility
Slim profile, lightweight platform for easy mobility and control
Storage Flexibility
Supports a variety of storage options including keylock or non-locking standard bins or MaxBins
Extended Power
GoLiFe battery for extended mobile runtime


  • Footprint: 41.9 cm x 44.8 cm*
  • Starting weight (without battery): 43.45 kg
  • Battery weights: 2.54 – 6.53 kg
  • Work surface height range: 85 – 125.7 cm
  • Keyboard height range: 61.6 – 109.8 cm
  • Monitor (centre) height range: 114.3 – 168.9 cm
  • Primary work surface size: 43.1 cm W x 26.6 cm D
  • Expanded work surface: 27.6 cm W x 23.3 cm D
  • CPU cavity: 43.8 cm W x 33.65 cm D x 7.62 cm H
  • Warranty: 3 years

*Expanded base size required for select storage configurations. Ask HPA representative for more information.

Storage Options

Trio LT supports a variety of storage options including standard bins or the MaxBin™ system. Both are fully configurable and provide ample storage capacity to meet specific requirements.

Standard Bin System

Trio LT is configurable with a selection of standard drawers and bins in key-locking or non-locking. Mix and match to meet your facility’s workflow and storage requirements.

  • Electric locking or non-locking drawers and bins
  • Configure with a selection of bins and drawers in 2, 4 or 6-tier storage options
  • Arrange your storage with a selection of bin and drawer configurations
  • Available in two colour options, grey or blue
  • Remote security management

Maxbin™ Storage System

The MaxBin Storage system offers an unmatched level of flexibility and security and provides higher-capacity storage for medication and supplies for any care environment.

  • Higher capacity, flexible storage system
  • 60-74% more capacity per row than standard bins
  • Full-width drawers with soft-close slides
  • Dual locking option for controlled medications and witness authentication
  • Remote security management


A wide selection of accessories like wire baskets, access packs, printer shelves, tablet mounts, and more to customise Trio LT Cart for different care needs and support.