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Derungs Triango 30 Treatment Light - A Close Up Image showing Derungs Triango 30 Treatment Light

Treatment Light | Derungs Triango 30

The TRIANGO 30 is a solid minor surgery luminaire that is well established for small procedures in the emergency room, in surgery preparation and in the trauma room.

The modern design of the TRIANGO 30 treatment luminaire follows the motto “Keep it smart and simple“ and convinces with its consistent functionality: elegant design in combination with state-of-the-art LED technology – matches today’s work environment. Illuminating strength, light colour and colour rendering are perfectly matched to the diverse daily routines in hospitals and practices.

Light & Ergonomics

The universally applicable minor surgery luminaires create the best light conditions for any type of examination and small surgical intervention. High-quality LED technology optimally reproduces color nuances and supports doctors in their daily work. Premium arm systems with a large movement radius and good positioning provide simple, ergonomic operation.

Derungs Triango 30 Treatment Light & Derungs Triango 100 Treatment Light Requirements According to 60601-2-41

Derungs Triango 30 & Triango 100 Treatment Lights conform with 60601-2-41 requirements

Cleaning & Sterilization

When developing new luminaires, Derungs engineers pay attention not only to ergonomic comfort but also to the fact that the luminaires are easy to clean in everyday use.

Cleanliness through closed housing – The closed design reduces the penetration of liquid and dust and makes cleaning surfaces noticeably easier. The removable handles of the treatment lamps TRIANGO 100, TRIANGO 30 and the IRIS LED can be removed with one hand and can thus be optimally sterilized.

Fatigue-Free Work

Light enlivens tired eyes – Bad lighting conditions put a strain on our eyes. Headaches, burning eyes and reduced performance can be the result. A homogeneous, glare-free light field relieves noticeably and promotes effi ciency. A well thought-out lighting concept should therefore include not only general lighting but also the lights of a medical workplace.  The lighting is very often in use therefore it is important that it reliably supports everyday use and maximizes visual comfort.

Best light conditions – Illuminance, light color temperature and color rendering are optimally matched to the versatile everyday clinical and practice routine. Specially developed optics ensure a homogeneously illuminated work area. Derungs medical lights achieve very good color rendering properties and facilitate diagnosis and treatment.  In addition, the luminance can be dimmed.


  • Diamond Optics LED Technology
  • Spare Sterizable Handles
  • 60,000 Lux @ 1.0m
  • Disposable Grip Covers
  • Colour Temperature 4,500K
  • Intermediate Ceiling Adapter
  • CRI Ra 95
  • Continuous Dimming
  • Illumination field diameter: 16cm
  • Ceiling
  • Detachable and sterilisable handle
  • Wall
  • Control knob on the luminaire head
  •  Mobile Roll Stand (w battery option)
  • Medical product to EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41

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Product BrochureHPA Derungs Triango 30 Brochure