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HyBase 8300/8500 operating table

Operating Table | HyBase 8300/8500

Electro-Hydraulic Theatre Table

The HyBase 8300/8500 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table is engineered specifically to satisfy the extensive requirements of practitioners who engage in multiple and complex surgical scenarios on a daily basis. It is an integral component in the OR, with the design focused upon reliability and support in order to maximise performance.

The modular design provides a comprehensive solution for surgical disciplines, therefore replacing hospital procurement costs of purchasing an additional table. Mindray offers specific modules which include a module recognition system for identifying module type and automatically synchronises movement data.

One-Click Connection reinforces Mindray’s commitment to their people-first philosophy by providing users with easy to use products and offering a convenient, safe, and intuitive modular mounting system replacing medical staff’s difficulty in attaching/removing modules for different surgeries as the HyBase 8300/8500  simply requires only one click to change.

The electro-hydraulic table utilises an IR remote control system to provide an extensive range of flexible positions in order to respond and adapt rapidly to the constantly changing demands of the OR. The table is capable of 10 memorised positions configured specifically for your surgery whilst maintaining the highest level of safety and stability for patients.

The HyBase 8300/8500 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table has been engineered to simplify patient care through ergonomic design and advanced features such as the large longitudinal slide which ranges up to 480mm enabling optimum access with the C-arm, without repositioning the patient, ideal for cardiovascular surgery.

The innovative multi-layer decompression pad provides excellent pressure distribution, reducing the risk of decubitus and therefore speeding up recovery time. The cutting edge design is composed of GORE-TEX material and ultrasonic-welding technology to be waterproof and eliminate hygiene risks. Also able to withstand a maximum of 460kg, patients of all weights are accommodated for, which is particularly appropriate for bariatric patients.

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