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Office Furniture System | Public Office Landscape

Based on the belief that the more people connect, the better they work, Public transforms every part of the office – including individual desks – into places for collaboration. It’s the first office system to support casual work and to provide comfort at the desk, in circulation spaces and in group areas – all within a consistent design vocabulary. Visually uniform and modular surfaces, storage and seating can be configured into a broad range of settings that encourage fluid transitions between collaborative and focused work.

We believe collaboration isn’t exclusive to conference rooms or desks; it happens everywhere. Public was designed to support fluid interactions and spontaneous conversations across the entire landscape, keeping the office in a state of flow where people are engaged, focused and able to move freely between collaborative and individual modes of work.

Public’s carefully considered sustainable design uses the least possible materials, including 100% recyclable steel components. The Social Chair’s seat, made from expanded polypropylene, is lightweight, highly recyclable and comprised of a minimal amount of foam.