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Powered Cart T7

The Capsa Healthcare T7 mobile technology carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide caregivers with a simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day. Bridging the gap between patient care and technology.

These innovative carts allow caregivers to work with healthy, comfortable postures due to it’s ergonomic design. The monitor arm delivers 15 degrees of tilt and 90 degrees of rotation and Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusts to the user’s entered height. Considerations like toe clearance allow for extended comfort while sitting or standing.

The powered T7 cart has a completely encased wire management system, which mitigates both clutter and infection control concerns. In any setting, the T7’s streamlined design makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.


  • Intuitive one-hand operation and ergonomic design
  • Digital command centre
  • Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusts height
  • Occupancy sensor detects both human presence and
    ambient lighting to illuminate keyboard area
  • Flexible movement
  • Seamless integration
  • Streamlined for easy cleaning
  • Completely encased wire management system
  • Additional storage space and work surface options


  • Power Track™ steering, helps navigate tight spaces

Model T7 Cart with Wamee

All-In-One medical grade computers

The Wamee WMXS22, WMXS24 is an all-in-one medical grade computer incorporating either a 22” or 24” screen, a powerful and energy-efficient Intel® 10th Generation Core™ i5 processor, integrated hot-swappable batteries and antimicrobial coating for infection control. It has WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth, and optional data capture modules, which is ideal for health professionals to manage clinical information in a mobile capacity.Wamee Medical Grade Computer 22”

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Product Sheets:TouchPoint T7 Powered Cart