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Pendant | HyPort B80

Categories: Pendants, Surgical
  • Gas and electricity separated
  • 60°panel interface for easier plug-in of gas and electricity
  • Flexible movement of sliding and rotating of the distributions
  • Additional accessories for better management of details
  • Night Mode Lighting
Nurse at Hyport B80

HyPort B80 I
HyPort B80 I HyPort B80 II

Revolutionary Flexible Design

B80 safer and more efficient workflow B80 flexible movement
Safer and More Effective Workflow Flexible Movement
B80 Sliding B80 Rotating
Sliding Rotating

Night Mode Lighting

The two LED lighting bulbs on the beam give soft and cozy Illumination at night, providing the patient and the Medical more comfortable environment.

HyPort B80 Night ModeEasy-to-manage Systems

HyPort B80 Customised drawer solutions HyPort B80 Various wire basket options
Customised drawer solutions Different size options for wire basket
HyPort B80 Cable management solutions B80 Cable management solutions 1
Cable management solutions